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Trainers are characters that can increase the protagonist's skill levels by one point per session, up to a maximum skill level of 5 in Book I, and 8 in Book II and Book III. Each session costs 100 gold times the skill level that will be attained. Training a skill from untrained to level 8 would cost 3600 gold in total.

Book I[]

You will encounter six trainers during the game with nine skills available for training, including Cartography, Bow Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Alchemy, Divination, Swords, Cleaving Weapons, Bludgeoning Weapons and Elemental.

Name Image Location Skill(s)
Garrett Garrett.png Aridell (South Parish) Cartography
Aaron Aaron.png Bordertown Bows, Thrown Weapons
Gamfari Gamfari.png Bordertown Alchemy
Father Jonathon Jonathon.png Blackwater Divination
Sonya Sonia b1.png Blackwater Bludgeoning Weapons, Cleaving Weapons, Swords
Siam Siam.png Blackwater Elemental

Book II[]

Name Image Location Skill(s)
Hunter Hunter.jpg Wolfenwood Bows, Thrown Weapons, Foraging
Zeblin Zeblin.png Thieves' Arcadia Pick Locks, Hide in Shadows, Move Silently
Ned Ned.jpg Port Kuudad Cartography
Becka Becka.jpg Port Kuudad Alchemy
Luci Luci.jpg Port Kuudad Elemental, Divination
Sonya Sonya.jpg Port Kuudad Bludgeoning Weapons, Cleaving Weapons, Swords
Gilgamen Gilgaman.jpg Durnore Region Repair

Book III[]

Name Image Location Skill(s)
Leisle Leisle.jpg Rockhammer Pick Locks, Lore, Mercantile
Madam Gilda Madam Gilda.jpg Southern Boglands Alchemy, Meditation, Medicine
Alywin Alywin.jpg Elderoak Forest Foraging, Cartography, Bows
Kirk Kirk.jpg Moonrise Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Shields
Shrock Shrock.jpg Moonrise Bludgeoning Weapons, Cleaving Weapons, Swords
Valx Grayraven Valx Grayraven.jpg Moonrise Elemental