The Legendary Swordsman is a skill book in every game of the trilogy.


  • Grants the skill Swords if the player character has not learned it.
  • Grants 2 points in the skill Swords if the player character has learned it.


Book IEdit

This book talks in depth about the elements of swordsmanship: weapon terminology, proper body postures, offensive and defensive maneuvers, and detailed analysis of legendary sword fights. By the end of the book you know a great deal more about swordsmanship than you did before.

Book II and Book IIIEdit

This appears to be a field training guide for sword wielding soldiers of the realm. Glancing through the guide, several paragraphs stand out:

"The standard classification of swords encompasses a great range of cutting blades. They generally use a combination of cutting and thrusting techniques to accomplish their goal: the defeat of an opponent. Common sword designs are: the short and long sword, the “hand-an-a-half” or bastard sword, and the two-handed sword. Great Swords or Claymores are used by only the most experienced and strongest of soldiers. These different styles of swords come with their own unique styles of combat, but they almost all utilize the same basic forms in training from six fundamental forms of attack, and three fundamental forms of parrying." (Several woodcut illustrations show these fundamental moves.)

"You must treat the sword as an extension of your arm if you are to wield it properly. Anything less and it becomes merely a tool which will eventually lead to your defeat. Practice the basic forms until they become motions that are as natural as running, walking or jumping. A true master of the sword is able to hit a target in front of him while blindfolded; he can feel the presence of the object even if it moves and still strike true."


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