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The Holy Book of Rai is a miscellaneous book detailing the story of Eschalon's creation.


Contained within the yellowed pages of this tome is the text of one of the many religious faiths. The first pages describe the process of creation, as most holy books do:

"Long ago, there were only the great ones - the Darkness, named Onos, and the Light, named Rai. They fought for control of the sky, but it was Onos who dominated and kept Rai away, exiled far beyond the most distant stars. In this time, Darkness reigned supreme. But Rai schemed to dethrone Onos and so gathered an army of burning comets for which to attack the darkness. From the black abyss of the most distant realm, Rai moved with his army and surprised Onos, driving back darkness and bringing light to the sky. Onos, in all his wickedness, retaliated with great vengeance! In an act of madness, he punched a hole in the sky to consume all of the comets, but their numbers were too great. As all of the cosmos began falling into this hole, the comets came crashing together and formed a single brilliant gem, too large to be pulled through the opening. The gem became known as Eschalon, and its greatness alone was enough to seal the hole formed by Onos. With the immense pull created by Eschalon and the remnant hole, Onos and Rai were dragged into an endless spiral from which they could not escape. Ever spinning around Eschalon, they gave the land its first day and night, which has continued for endless millennia since. Their imprisonment became the gift of all the creatures of Eschalon. "