The Fly's Defense is a skill book in Book III.


  • Grants the skill Dodge if the player character has not learned it.
  • Grants 2 points in the skill Dodge if the player character has learned it.


"We shall begin your combat training now." The wizened dwarf ran a chubby hand through his gray beard. He lead the human teenager Danel outside to a large pit with a thin board running across it. "Come," he gestured, and walked onto the small plank.

Danel followed eagerly, ready to finally engage in some real fighting. The skinny piece of wood was quite difficult to traverse, requiring most of his attention to maintain balance. In contrast, the dwarf - with his lower center of gravity - had no problems remaining upright. A fly buzzed around, and the boy nearly fell into the pit swatting at it.

"See how that fly moves?" The dwarf asked with a grin.

"Master, you're not going to make me catch flies again, are you?" Danel looked a bit crestfallen.

"Not at all." The dwarf suddenly darted toward the young human and shoved him off the board. Danel landed flat on his back, the breath knocked out of him. "You will now learn to be quick like the fly!" A low chuckle escaped the elder's lips.

From a large hole in the side of the pit strode a giant - huge even for a giant - carrying a tree for a club.

"The first rule of combat: don't get hit, and you won't get hurt!" The dwarf cackled with glee.