The Adventures of Brambit the Thief is a skill book in Book II and Book III.


  • Grants the skill Move Silently if the player character has not learned it.
  • Grants 2 points in the skill Move Silently if the player character has learned it.


The young footpad froze: a grizzled looking guard stood up from his post and began walking toward the bushes. Fear gripped the boy. for he knew that his first night on the prowl was about to end in a most dreadful manner. While he made peace with his short future, memories of his training began to filter through his mind:

"Hiding in the darkness is only half of being stealthy. It wouldn't matter if t'were darker than the depths of hell, should you be prattling around like a tinker hauling his pots and pans. A true master of quiet can walk over a mountain of bells without so-much as a single chime." The guildmaster paced constantly around the room, not a single whisper of clothing belying his presence.

"Remember to match your breathing with your movements. Any weapons or metal armor should be covered with a soft cloth to prevent any accidental announcements of your position. Be mindful of the noises around you: try to move in sync with the wind, the rustling leaves, or the surrounding animals. Walk on the balls of your feet, and for the sake of whatever gods you happen to worship, watch where you're walking!"

A large rat suddenly burst forth from the bushes, scuttling off into the distance. Startled, the guard jumped back. After a moment he returned to his post, shoulders slumped seemingly in disappointment. "Never get any excitement around here..."

The thief sighed inwardly in relief, slowly lifting his foot from its place atop a broken branch.