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Shields Up! is a skill book in Book III.


  • Grants the skill Shield if the player character has not learned it.
  • Grants 2 points in the skill Shield if the player character has learned it.


This is a bit of an odd book: it is leather-bound and the cover has a miniature bronze buckler somehow glued to its surface. The back of the book even has small straps similar to those used for attaching a shield to one's arm. While perusing its contents, a particular passage catches your eye:

"A common mistake made by novice and expert shield-bearers alike is to block arrows by simply raising the shield to meet the incoming barrage. The problem with this is that simply raising the shield generally involves holding it perpendicular to an arrow, giving the arrow its greatest area of impact and the best chance to pierce the shield. This practice gives the bearer a greater chance of injury than avoiding the attempt altogether. The proper method for blocking arrows is not to block them at all. Deflecting an arrow is the mentality that should be used. Based on the flight path of the arrow, your shield needs to be properly angled to reduce the area of impact and increase the chance of deflection. See the diagrams on the following page for examples of the most common flight paths and deflection angles. Memorizing these images will greatly increase your chances of survival when caught in a ranged battle."