Reagants are used in Alchemy to create potions and thrown weapons, enchant equipments or refill lanterns. They can be purchased from various shops or found randomly throughout the game. The character can also manually generate them using the skill Foraging, the higher the skill points, the more valuable the generated reagents.

NOTE: The below ingredients are available in Books II and III. Book I's available ingredients differ. A complete list of Book I ingredients, which are divided into "reactants" and "reagents," may be found in the excellent and more comprehensive GameBanshee guide at and

List[edit | edit source]

Name Image Value Used in
Ambergris Ambergris.jpg 30 Flask of Charm Cloud, Mana Potion, Imbue Damage, Harden Armor
Anise Anise.jpg 80 Potion of Greater Protection, Potion of Ogre Strength, Potion of Restoration
Auricflax Auricflax.jpg 150 Imbue ToHit, Imbue Damage
Belladonna Belladonna.jpg 22 Detox Serum
Black-spotted Shroom Black-spotted Shroom.jpg 90 Flask of Toxic Aura, Potion of Stone Skin, Imbue with Poison
Brimstone Brimstone.jpg 12 Cat's Eyes Brew, Demon Oil, Potion of Leatherskin
Corpse Ash Corpse Ash.jpg 25 Demon Oil, Potion of Predator Sight, Imbue with Cold
Cotton Wick Cotton Wick.jpg 3 Refill Lantern
Dried Brainstem Dried Brainstem.jpg 60 Potion of Fortify Mana, Potion of Haste
Dwarvish Mellowleaf Dwarvish Mellowleaf.jpg 55 Flask of Charm Cloud, Potion of Keensight
Ectoplasm Ectoplasm.jpg 130 Invisibility Potion, Imbue with Fire, Imbue with Cold, Harden Armor
Lamp Oil Lamp Oil.jpg 10 Refill Lantern
Mandrake Root Mandrake Root.jpg 10 Mana Potion, Potion of Keensight
Mercury Mercury.jpg 25 Potion of Haste, Potion of Nimbleness, Imbue ToHit
Noximander Venom Noximander Venom.jpg 10 Cat's Eyes Brew, Invisibility Potion, Imbue with Poison
Raven's Heart Raven's Heart.jpg 12 Potion of Fortify Mana, Potion of Leatherskin
Spider Silk Spider Silk.jpg 8 Detox Serum, Potion of Ogre Strength
Stinkroot Stinkroot.jpg 50 Potion of Nimbleness, Potion of Predator Sight, Potion of Stone Skin
Sulfur Sulfur.jpg 8 Flask of Toxic Aura, Healing Elixir, Imbue with Fire
Toadish Pollen Toadish Pollen.jpg 120 None
Willowbark Willow Bark.jpg 20 Elixir of Cure Ailment, Healing Elixir, Potion of Restoration
Wormleaf Wormleaf.jpg 85 Elixir of Cure Ailment, Potion of Greater Protection
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