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Powder Kegs are barrels containing explosives that when detonated deal massive damage to all characters and structures in their surroundings.


Powder Kegs are brown wooden barrels with "XXX" painted on them in red and can be found throughout the game world. They explode after taking 10 damage, dealing 179 elemental damage to anything that can take damage in the 5x5 area around them. The character can put Powder Kegs in the inventory and place them on any unoccupied slot, thus strategically use them to eliminate powerful enemies or destroy structures. However, as each Power Keg weighs a massive 20 lbs, the character can only carry a few of them at a time.

Book III introduced Fused Powder Kegs - Powder Kegs that can be set to detonate after a short time.


Book I[]

Book II[]

There are a total of 31 powder kegs in Book II.

Book III[]