Poison enters the character's bloodstream and effects their health causing them to lose Hit Points over time. Being poisoned however does not last forever and will eventually clear on its own, however this can take some time and in most cases you will die before it happens unless you heal. Poisons can be cured at a healer, using a potion of detox, or casting Detox.


A disease is something that affects your characters internal health, such as Troll Fever or Eye Rot. These diseases will need special treatment from a healer, an Elixir of Cure Ailment, or the spell Cure Ailments to be removed. While diseased, some aspects of your character's performance will be compromised. Diseases can be contracted through Mobs, traps, or looting certain dead bodies.

Disease Effect(s)
Tape Worms Increased rate of hunger (3x)
Fleshblight -50% Dexterity
-50% Concentration
Troll Fever -50% Strength
-50% Endurance
Eye Rot -50% ToHit
Rusty Knuckles -33% Dexterity
-33% Speed