Pick Locks is a skill that allows the character to open locks without the appropriate key.


Many doors and chests are locked which can be unlocked by bashing or lock-picking. Bashing them with bare hands may cause damage. Lock-picking requires the skill Pick Locks and at least one Lock Pick. All locks have a lock level, ranging from 1 to 10.

Lock level Description EXP given when picked
1 A rusted, damaged lock 25
2 A flimsy, loose lock 50
3 A lock of moderate quality 75
4 A somewhat good brass lock 100
5 A good iron lock 125
6 A very good steel lock 150
7 An excellent Dwarven-steel lock 175
8 A superior Dwarvish-steel lock 200
9 A masterful adamantium lock 225
10 A wondrous lock of unknown design 250

The chances of successfully picking a lock can be calculated with the following formula:

(Pick Locks skill level * 3) + (Dexterity ability score / 3) + 50 - (Lock Level * 10)

Thieves and Burglars - characters with the Rogue class and Agnostic axiom - are automatically given the Pick Locks skill during Character Creation.

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