Miscellaneous items are a class of items that cannot be directly interacted with by the character.

Normal[edit | edit source]

Most miscellaneous items are of little value, and essentially serve as clutter for realism purposes, having no gameplay function. Some are more valuable and can be sold to merchants for a large profit.

Name Image Weight Value
Rotted Apple Rotted Apple.jpg 0
Rotted Fish Rotted Fish.jpg 0
Rotted Meat Rm.jpg 0
Clothespin Clothespin.jpg 1
Small Candle Sc.jpg 1
Femur Femur.jpg 2
Tankard Tankard.jpg 2
Skull Skull.jpg 5
Quill and Inkwell Quill and Inkwell.jpg 5
Worn Siverware Worn Silverware.jpg 5
Iron Weapon Fragments Iron Weapon Fragments.jpg 5
Map of Mistfell Maps.jpg 5
Map of Amireth Maps.jpg 7
Map of Eschalon Maps.jpg 10
Treasure Map Maps.jpg 10
Bag of Spices Bag of Spices.jpg 10
Fine Vellum Fv.jpg 10
Small Ruby Small Ruby.jpg 10
Goblin Dice Goblin Dice.jpg 15
Fine China Cup Fine China Cup.jpg 15
Small Emerald Small Emerald.jpg 15
Bag of Exotic Spices Bag of Exotic Spices.jpg 20
Fine China Plate Fine China Plate.jpg 25
Sextant Sextant.jpg 25
Wolf Pelt Wolf Pelt.jpg 25
Fine Silverware Fine Silverware.jpg 30
Bar of Copper Bar of Copper.jpg 40
Mithril Weapon Fragments Mithril Weapon Fragments.jpg 50
Chronometer Chronometer.jpg 50
Diamond Chip Diamond Chip.jpg 50
Bar of Steel Steel.jpg 100
Large Ruby Large Ruby.jpg 150
Large Emerald Large Emerald.jpg 225
Large Diamond Large Diamond.jpg 375
Bar of Gold Bar of Gold.jpg 500
Bar of Mithril Bar of Mithril.jpg 800

Special[edit | edit source]

The following items are unique and usually associated with a quest. These cannot be sold to merchants and, in some cases, even removed from the player character's inventory.

Book I[edit | edit source]

Name Image Weight Value Location Notes
Easter Egg Easter Egg.jpg 0.1 0 Elderhollow Inn Upstairs - Chest
Giant Skull Giant Skull.jpg 9.0 0
Burley Acorn Burley Acorn.jpg 0.1 10 Western Salted Coast - Oak tree Quest item - Vekkar's quest
Brass Locket Brass Locket.jpg 0.1 15 Grimmhold - Chest Quest item - Krista's quest
Antique Sextant Antique Sextant.jpg 2.0 350 Eastern Salted Coast - Chest Quest item - Garrett's quest
Divine Ore Divine Ore.jpg 0.1 500 A Mysterious Cave - Chest Quest item - Gunther's quest

Book II[edit | edit source]

Name Image Weight Value Location Notes
Rubescent Bell Rubescent Bell.jpg 0 Grant 30,000 XP upon being hung on the Bell Tree in Basement: Archives
Virescent Bell Virescent Bell.jpg 0
Lutescent Bell Lutescent Bell.jpg 0 Thieves' Arcadia
Cerulescent Bell Cerulescent Bell.jpg 0
Mage Games Silver Chalice Mage Games Silver Chalice.jpg 0 Quest Item - Assistance from Lorewitch
Adamantium Ore Ore.jpg 30 Farrock Caves level 1 Quest Item - Adamantium Ore Else
Dragonel Nest Piece Dragonel Nest Piece.jpg 35 South Kessian Basin Quest Item - A Den of Dragonels
Petrified Wood Petrified Wood.jpg 40 Quest Item - In the Belly of a Beetle
Snow Wolf Pup Snow Wolf Pup.jpg 250 Quest Item - Quest of the Snow Pup
Lycanthrope Pelt Pelt.jpg 400 Central Farrock Range Quest Item - The Lycanthrope

Book III[edit | edit source]

Name Image Weight Value Location Notes
Astral Blossom Nut Astral Blossom Nut.jpg 0 Quest Item - A Tough Nut to Crack
Akadai Gland Akadai Gland.jpg 0.1 0 Quest Item - The Secret of the Akadai
Miss Bimbles Miss Bimbles.jpg 1.0 0 Seawarden's Guild, Lower Level Quest Item - The Recovery of Miss Bimbles
Troll Teeth Troll Teeth.jpg 0 Quest Item - The Teeth That Bite
Titanium Gear Widget 1.0 0 Seawarden's Guild, Lower Level
Chromium Spring Widget Chromium Spring Widget.jpg 1.0 0 Oceana Lowlands
Platinum Bolt Widget Platinum Bolt Widget.jpg 1.0 0 Ruined Castle Dungeon
Tungsten Bracket Widget Tungsten Bracket Widget.jpg 1.0 0 Akadai Underground
Akadai Withered Head Akadai Withered Head.jpg 17.0 0 Akadai Underground Quest Item - A King's Head
Crafting Hammer Crafting Hammer.jpg 2.0 50 A Wrecked Ship, Level 1 Quest Item - A Hammer for Seamus
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