Mire Trolls are a type of enemies in Eschalon: Book II.


The Mire Troll (Trollin Foulis) is a foul beast that lives in marshlands and bogs across the temperate zones of Eschalon. Little is known of the origins of the troll-kin races, but many scholars have noted prominent reptilian and Hobgoblin similarities, suggesting a common history.

One of the most fascinating and dangerous aspects of the Mire Troll is its ability to generate lost health during combat, making it a very difficult creature to best in battle. Mire Trolls are also known to be very territorial, savagely protecting their claimed range from trespassers. They care little for gold or valuables, but they often collect the shiny trinkets that are scattered about after they've dismembered an adventurer who foolishly wandered into their territory.

The Mire Troll attacks with a very powerful fist, used in a bludgeoning manner and defenses with a thick hide and a complete immunity to toxins. When engaged in combat, it is necessary to destroy the beast as quickly as possible lest it will regenerate its health and never succumb to death. They have a dreaded fear of fire, a weakness that should be taken advantage of whenever possible.


Mire Trolls are found in the swampy regions of Mistfell Northern Coast and the Forsaken Coast. They are exceptionally resilient thanks to their high hit points and armor rating, as well as the unique ability to regenerate half of the hit points they've lost every 12 rounds. Therefore it's very important to avoid getting overwhelmed and kill them as quick as possible.