Magicka Divine is a skill book in Book I, Book II and Book III.


  • Grants the skill Divination if the player character has not learned it.
  • Grants 2 points in the skill Divination if the player character has learned it.


As you are rifling through this book of Divination Magick, a single page falls out. You pick up the fallen parchment and begin reading the passage written upon it. That single passage has a profound effect upon your being, rendering the remainder of the book unnecessary:

"There is one major component that makes the practice of Divination Magick possible. Do you know what that is? It is the glue that holds together every healing spell. It is the steel that bolsters every protective chant. It is the fire that boils the flesh from your enemies. That component is Faith

Were it not for faith, there would be no Divination. If you had doubts in your gods, then the magick would not spring forth from your fingers. If you were unsure about yourself, there would be no healing, no protecting, no smiting. Pure faith is all you need to make miracles.}}

And what of the atheist, who rejects the notion of a god while still practicing the art of Divination Magick? Their faith must then lie in that of the living world around them – the tree that sways, the deer that jumps, the sun that shines – all things that contribute to the life energy that binds us together. It is faith in this energy that gives the atheist practitioner of divination magick his abilities."