Keys are unique items used to open specific locks. Some of these locks can otherwise be opened like normal ones, while some can only be unlocked with the right keys. Keys are found inside certain containers and enemies' dead bodies, or by accepting certain quests.

Book I[edit | edit source]

In Book I, keys take up space in the inventory like other classes of items, and are automatically and permanently removed after being used.

Name Image Location Unlocks
Blue Goblin Key Blue Goblin Key.jpg Grimmhold Maintenance Level (Goblin Warlord) Monolith - Goblin Citadel, Level 1
Brassy Key Brassy Key.jpg A Dank Cellar (corpse) Door - A Dank Cellar
Crypt Key Crypt Key.jpg North Parish (Leurik) Door - North Parish
Door Key Door Key.jpg A Dank Cellar (chest) Door - A Dank Cellar
Fancy Key Fancy Key.jpg Tangletree Ossuary (Poltegeist)
Gate Key Gate Key.jpg Darkford (Chest) Gate - Northen Crakamir
Gold Goblin Key Gold Goblin Key.jpg Vela (Goblin Warlord) Monolith - Goblin Citadel, Level 1
Golden Key Brassy Key.jpg Shadowmirk Level 1 (Blasted Powder Keg) Door - Shadowmirk Level 1
Green Goblin Key Green Goblin Key.jpg Shadowmirk Level 3 (Chest) Monolith - Goblin Citadel, Level 1
Odd Key Crypt Key.jpg Grimmhold Maintenance Level (Goblin) Door - Grimmhold Maintenance Level
Red Goblin Key Red Goblin Key.jpg Rotwood (Chest) Monolith - Goblin Citadel, Level 1
Rusted Key Door Key.jpg Bordertown (Krista) Chest - Grimmhold
Security Key Security Key (Book I).jpg North Parish Family Crypt (storage cabinet) Door - North Parish Family Crypt
Silver Key Silver Key (Book I).jpg Goblin Citadel, Level 2 (Dirachnid) Door - Goblin Citadel, Level 2
Thin Key Security Key (Book I).jpg A Dank Cellar (cabinet) Door - A Dank Cellar

Book II[edit | edit source]

In Book II, obtained keys will be moved to the Key Ring instead of the inventory, and can be viewed and used at any times.

Name Image Location Unlocks
Simple Key Simple Key.jpg Yoma River Valley - (67,142) chest of drawers Yoma River Valley - (64,143) chest
Bluish Key N/A Yoma River Valley - Father Tyrus (after accepting the quest A Missing Discipline ) Yoma River Valley - (23,58) door
Rusted Key Rusted Key.jpg The Covenant's Well - Julian The Covenant's Well - (33,69) door
The Covenant's Well - (57,148) door
Copper Key Copper Key.jpg Ironpool Dam, lower level - a random Black Mold Ironpool Dam, lower level - (45,164) door
Jade Key Jade Key.jpg Port Kuudad Sewers - (87,45) body Port Kuudad Sewers - (5,87) door
Silver Key Silver Key.jpg Thieves' Arcadia - (74,56) chest of drawers Thieves' Arcadia - (54,45) door
Hammerlorne Key Hammerlorne Key.jpg Broken Blade - Sparrow Hammerlorne Mountain - (12,106) door
Durnore Region - (30,38) chest
Security Key Security Key.jpg Hammerlorne Great Hall - (57,98) chest Hammerlorne Great Hall - (24,124) door
Turquoise Key Turquoise Key.jpg Lorewitch, Level 1 - Mortikus Lorewitch, Level 1 - (51,94) door
Spooky Key Spooky Key.jpg Lost Westwillow - The Prospector Lost Westwillow - (58,176) door
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