Once you have at least 10 levels in a combat skill, you gain access to the feat for that skill.

To begin with, you can only use the feat every 90 turns. With each addition level of weapon skill, the frequency decreases by 3 turns to a minimum of every 5 turns at skill level 32.

Bows - Intense Focus Edit

This attack automatically hits, and does x3 normal base (bow + arrow) damage.

Swords - Riposte Edit

This attack automatically hits, and you automatically parry all attacks against you next round. You deal your sword's base damage to each target that you parry.

Unarmed - Fury Strike Edit

This attack automatically hits, and deals 4x normal damage(?)

Cleaving - Great Cleave Edit

Attack up to three targets, all of which must be next to you and next to each other. The first attack hits automatically.

Bludgeoning - Devastating Blow Edit

This attack automatically hits, and permanently reduces the target's armor by 50%.

Piercing - Double Strike Edit

Make two attacks this round, each of which hits automatically.

Thrown Weapons - Overwhelming Volley Edit

You throw one weapon per target on the screen, limited by the number of weapons you have. One attack automatically hits. Targeting is not evenly distributed - you can hit the same target more than once.