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Elements of Magick is a skill book in every game of the trilogy.


  • Grants the skill Elemental Arcane if the player character has not learned it.
  • Grants 2 points in the skill Elemental Arcane if the player character has learned it.


Book I[]

The book is primer to the Elemental realm of arcane magick. It starts by describing the fundamental aspects of the four cosmic elements and how magick employs them. You learn the basics of casting, tips on how to suppress aborted spells, and proper somatic postures for more advanced casting. Although this book was clearly written for novices, you feel you've learned quite a bit about Elemental Magick.

Book II and Book III[]

You turn over the small, leather-bound booklet titled "Experimental Magicka Tutorial". There are intricate symbols tattooed into entire surface of the booklet, none of which you recognize. Opening the booklet, you flip through the pages. Not only are there very few of them, but they are all blank. Disappointed, you move to close the booklet and toss it aside.

Except that you don't close the booklet, for you are unable to move. You hear a disembodied voice speaking,

"We will now begin the process of Elemental knowledge imprinting." Frozen in place, you are helpless to act as the pages begin to glow, and text begins to appear. A flash of engulfs your vision, and suddenly a combination of text and symbols seem to fly out of the booklet and sear themselves into your mind. You begin to hear voices as well, speaking from all directions. Your brain is saturated with information related to Elemental Magick, and somehow you are able to absorb it all.

Things you thought you knew about Elemental Magick are corrected, and new information added to expand on your knowledge. You better understand the relationships between the elements, their strengths, and weaknesses. Spell forms are taught, so you are better prepared to learn any new spells you should discover. Years of study have been condensed and conveyed in a matter of moments.

As the light begins to fade, you begin to regain control of your senses, you hear one last voice:

"Please report any side effects from this lesson to the Commonwealth Center of Magick."