Consumables are items that the character can consume to fill the hunger and/or thirst bars, in order to avoid starving or dehydration. They can be found randomly in containers, purchased at various inns and shops, or dropped as loot by defeated enemies. The character can also manually generate some of them using the spells Create Food or Malachi's Gruel.

List[edit | edit source]

Name Image Weight Value Description Hunger Thirst
Yambi Berries Yambi Berries.jpg 0.1 1 A bit sour, but juicy, help quiet your hunger and quench your thirst 100 30
Rat Meat Meat Scraps.jpg 0.1 1 Just a couple bites of meat can be gained, even from big rats, still, it is welcome energy 75 0
Bittercup Seeds Bittercup Seeds.jpg 2 Bitter and dry, not much more than a mouthful
Apple Apple.jpg 0.1 2 Fresh, juicy and helps fill your stomach 150 30
Cabbage Cabbage.jpg 0.3 2 Not very filling but every bit helps curb your hunger, the high water content also help hydrate you 150 20
Wild Potato Potato.jpg 0.3 2 The raw spud fills your stomach and gives you a boost of energy 175 0
Bottle of Wine Bottle of Wine.jpg 0.3 2 Maybe cheap but still tastes good 0 80
Salted Fish Salted Fish.jpg 0.1 3 Doesn't taste too bad and it fills you up 425 0
Bread Bread.jpg 0.1 3 Dense and filling 250 0
Biscuit Ration Biscuit Ration.jpg 4 Dry and tasteless but filling
Bottle of Malted Mash Bottle of Malted Marsh.jpg 0.3 5 Cheap mash whiskey 0 20
Meat Scraps Meat Scraps.jpg 0.5 10 Fresh and provides much needed energy though it is questionable where these come from 300 0
Dried Meat Dried Meat.jpg 0.2 15 Tough and chewy but a good way to ease your hunger 550 0
Meaty Spider Legs Meaty Spider Legs.jpg 2.0 20 High in protein and packed with vitamins 700 0
Steak Steak.jpg 1 20 A quality cut of meat. Nothing fills the stomach like a good steak 800 0
Bottle of Vintage Wine Bottle of Vintage Wine.jpg 30 Has aged well, which if only you had some cheese to go with.
Vintage Whiskey Vintage Whiskey.jpg 0.3 100 Smooth, 50-year-old whiskey 0 20
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