Character creation window

To start a new adventure the player must create a character. There are 10 features that can be customized, including the character's name, gender (Book II and Book III), portrait, origin, axiom, class, title, granted skill, skills and attributes. Alternatively, the player can choose to use one of the 5 character presets.


This feature is unavailable in Book I. In Book II and Book III, the character can be either male or female.


While exceptions do exist, Males are generally larger than Females. With greater body mass, Males on average tend to possess higher maximum strength than Females. Selecting to play a Male character grants you a +1 Strength bonus.


Females tend to be of smaller build than Males. With less body mass and a lighter frame, Females are often more nimble and graceful than Males, resulting in a +1 Dexterity bonus.


After choosing your gender, 6 different default portraits are provided one of which you can choose to represent your character. If you wish to use a custom portrait, you must place a 64 x 64 pixel PNG file named mypic.png in the root folder where the game is installed.


Your character's Origin grants him certain Attribute bonuses based on which region he hails from.


Nor'landers hail from the Northland Expanse, an arctic region of snow and ice. Nor'landers are of hearty build and are infamous of their ability to survive in conditions where most people would quickly succumb to death. As such, Nor'landers receive a +2 Endurance and +1 Concentration.


Barreans hail from the vast Desolation of Barrea, far to the West. It is a region of desert and wasteland where even a simple living requires a great deal of work. Barreans tend to be lean and swift, and can travel immense distances in a short amount of time. Barreans receive a +2 Speed and +1 Strength.


Emayu hail from the far west continent of Wylderan, an ancient land that until the advent of ocean vessels had remained completely isolated from the rest of Eschalon. It's a region lost to time, where creatures long thought to have disappeared still roam its primeval forests. The Emayu are slender and tall, and are known to be very mystical and ritualistic. As such they receive a +2 Perception and +1 Wisdom.


The Therish hail from rolling woodlands and plains of Thaemore. Although war has scattered most Therish to other regions of Eschalon, they remain an artistic and resourceful people. The Therish were well known for their Cavalry and elite Commonwealth Guard which protected the land until its fall in 728. Due to their resourceful attributes, Therish gain +2 Concentration and +1 Dexterity.


Kessians hail from the coastal province of Mistfell. The term Kessian originates from the Kessian Basin in Southeast Mistfell, but it has come to represent anyone from the greater Northeast region. Since Mistfell is nearly surrounded by coastal waters, Kessian are highly regarded as sailors and navigators, and known to be expert tacticians in battle. They receive +2 Wisdom and +1 Intelligence.


Your character's Axiom describes his basic belief system, which poses certain advantages and disadvantages to your character.


The Atheist has their mind grounded in observable thuths. They simply do not believe in higher spiritual power or superstitions. Because of this, they are immune to effects of Curses. However, this also makes them immune to the effects of Blessings and altruistic healing from a cleric.


A person of Druidic faith believes in the divinity of the living world itself: plants and animals, sun and rain, day and night. While outdoors, followers of the Druidic faith regenerate lost Hit Points and Mana Points much faster than normally possible. However, while in dungeons and underground, they regenerate this points much more slowly than normal.


A person of Virtuous faith lives a life of altruism and strives to promote goodwill with others. Their faith often revolves around the worship of one or more deities whom they believe hold dominion over all living things. Virtuous persons automatically receive the spell "Bless" and can cast it at level one without the need of the Divination skill. However, Virtuous persons are much more susceptible to being Cursed when in presence of what they perceive as great evil.


A person of Nefarious faith lives a life of self-indulgence and corruption. By promoting wickedness in this life, they are assured continued debauchery in the afterlife. Nefarious people have a 5% chance of any attack to deliver "Malice Damage", an increase in damage gained by the use of savage and cruel combat techniques. However, they are immune to the altruistic act of healing from a cleric or priest.


The Agnostic person generally believes in some sort of higher power on a personal level, but balances this belief with observable truths and grounded ideas. Being generally balanced, they receive neither bonuses nor penalties.


Your character's class identifies his base of proficiencies, interests and way of life. It does not limit his development: regardless of your choice of Class, your character can still evolve in any way you choose and master any combination of Skills.


Fighters are experts at hand-to-hand combat, preferring the feel of a solid weapon in their hand over anything else. Fighters might adventure for the simple thrill of battle, or to sell their services as a Mercenary to the wealthiest armies.


Rogues are loners who prefer to draw as little attention to themselves as possible. Rogues often develop skills in lock picking and trap disarming, and they may drabble in unscrupulous activities, from petty thievery all the way up to assassinations. Certainly not all Rogues are criminals, and some have even become folk heroes while using their skills to help others.

Magick UserEdit

Magick Users are proficient in the Magickal Arts, as either a hobby or profession. Many people claim to possess some kind of Magick talent, but true Magick Users choose to make it part of their everyday life, practicing their art every chance they get. The adept Magick User is both feared and respected by even the mightiest warrior.


Healers are persons who promote the restoration of life. This doesn't imply that a Healer is opposed to taking life when necessary: sometimes a few must die to save the lives of many. Some Healers work through the use of Divination and spiritual faith, while others live by the sword, insisting that healing cannot begin until the decay has first been cut out.


Rangers are scouts and protectors of their homeland. They are unequaled hunters and survivalists. They fight hand-to-hand combat only when needed, preferring guerrilla tactics and ranged weapons to win battles.


Gender/Axiom/Class Title Edit

Your character's title is automatically generated based on your Gender, Axiom and Class choices. Female titles are only available in Book II and Book III.

Fighter Rogue Magick User Healer Ranger
Atheistic Mercenary Bard Illusionist Sawbones Naturalist
Valkyrie Bohemian Illusionist Pythoness Naturalist
Druidic Preserver Shadowlark Conjuror True Druid Guardian
Nightshade Satyress Conjuress Wiccan Dryad
Virtuous Paladin Rebel Mage Cleric Shepard
Lioness Rebel Enchantress Cleric Warden
Nefarious Berserker Assassin Warlock Necromancer Blighter
Banshee Backbiter Sorceress Witch Siren
Agnostic Barbarian Thief Mystic Theurgist Vanquisher
Amazon Burglar Mystic Sibyl Huntress

Level Title

Level Title
1 Layman
2 Greenhorn
3 Neophyte
4 Initiate
5 Apprentice
6 Senior Apprentice
7 Yeoman
8 Artisan Initiate
9 Artisan
10 Senior Artisan
11 Journeyman
12 Senior Journeyman
13 Headmaster Journeyman
14 Adept
15 Adept Authority
16 Expert
17 Specialist
18 Master
19 Grandmaster
20 Archmaster
21 Supreme Archmaster
22 Champion (Book II only)
23 Champion Elite (Book II only)
24 Champion Maximus (Book II only)
25 Sanctus Initiate (Book II only)
26 Sanctus Alma (Book II only)
27 Sanctus Omni (Book II only)
28 Sanctus Zedus (Book II only)
29 Sanctus Incarnate (Book II only)

Granted SkillEdit

The character is automatically given a Granted Skill without having to spend any skill point, which is determined by their Axiom and Class.

Fighter Rogue Magick User Healer Ranger
Atheistic Swords Lore Elemental Magick Cleaving Weapons Bows
Druidic Shields Divination Magick Elemental Magick Medicine Bows
Virtuous Swords Bows Elemental Magick Divination Magick Divination Magick
Nefarious Cleaving Weapons Piercing Weapons Elemental Magick Piercing Weapons Cleaving Weapons
Agnostic Bludgeoning Weapons Pick Locks Elemental Magick Divination Magick Bows


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The player can choose to play as one of the five default characters with predetermined attributes.

Name Torus Basher Cedric Pockets Kastion Evan Skywind
Image 3 5 Cats 1 2
Creation Key F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
Gender Male Male Male Male Female
Axiom Agnostic Agnostic Agnostic Agnostic Agnostic
Class Fighter Rogue Magick User Healer Ranger
Title Barbarian Thief Mystic Theurgist Huntress
Ability Scores Strength 18 15 10 16 15
Dexterity 16 20 9 14 21
Endurance 16 11 14 14 15
Speed 18 14 14 12 14
Intelligence 14 11 20 11 11
Wisdom 8 14 10 20 10
Perception 12 17 18 16 11
Concentration 16 18 20 20 21
Skill Points Heavy Armor x1 Hide In Shadows x2 Elemental x5 Divination x3 Cartography x1
Cartography x1 Pick Locks x2 Cartography x1 Light Armor x1 Foraging x
Medicine x1 Skullduggery x1 Meditation x3 Cartography x1 Medicine x1
Repair x1 Spot Hidden x2 Unarmed Combat x1 Repair x1 Pick Locks x1
Bludgeoning Weapons x4 Unarmed Combat x1 Bludgeoning Weapons x2 Bow Weapons x4
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