Catacomb Rat is a type of enemies in Eschalon: Book II. They are found in dark and damp underground locations such as sewers or dams.


The Catacomb Rat (Rattus Gigantus) is a large relative of the common rat and can be found inhabiting caves, dungeons and crypts throughout Eschalon. They have a coat of coarse, bristly fur which is often colored shades of gray or brown, and their tail is rather short and muscular compared to that of lesser rats. After eons of dwelling in the darkness of the underground, their eyes have adapted to detect the infrared heat of their enemies.

While they are primarily scavengers, they will not hesitate to hunt for their meal if the opportunity arises nor defend their nesting area from invaders. Adults may grow to the size of a large dog and can be a devilish foe to the untrained, especially in large groups which are called "mischiefs".

The Catacomb Rat attacks with a moderately dangerous bite carrying a low chance of transmitting disease. Its dense fur, as well as surprising dexterity and speed, protect them from attacks.

A very rare and primitive relative of the Catacomb Rat, the Hystricognath, dwells in the deepest bowels of the underground. This ancient rodent is also known as the "Dire Rat" by those unfortunate enough to encounter one, and it is a deadly beast harboring 10-inch incisors and diseases that are rapidly fatal to most.


Catacomb Rats are the first enemies the player character encounter in Book II, thus also the weakest. However, their attacks have a 5% chance of transmitting diseases. They are found in Yoma River Valley, Ironpool Dam, Port Kuudad Sewers and the Convent's Well. They may drop Rat Meat as loot upon dying.