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Books are a class of items that the character can read to gain various benefits.

Skill books[]

Reading a skill book will grant the character its associated skill if they have not learned it, or raise the skill by two levels if they already have it.

Book I[]

In Book I, all skill books weigh 2.0 and have a value of 50.

There is one more book: Elements of Magick

Title Image Skill
The Art of Brewing Book Green (Book I).jpg Alchemy
Bones to Splinters Book Red (Book I).jpg Bludgeoning Weapons
The Greatest Ranger Book Green (Book I).jpg Bows
Mapping Your World Book Green (Book I).jpg Cartography
The Lumberjack Book Blue (Book I).jpg Cleaving Weapons
Magicka Divine Book Green (Book I).jpg Divination
Heavy Armor Field Guide Book Green (Book I).jpg Heavy Armor
Embrace the Night Book Blue (Book I).jpg Hide in Shadows
Light Armor Field Guide Book Red (Book I).jpg Light Armor
Buying and Selling Book Purple (Book I).jpg Mercantile
Keyholes and Tumblers Book Red (Book I).jpg Pick Locks
Hidden Dangers and Treasures Book Blue (Book I).jpg Spot Hidden
It's a Trap! Book Blue (Book I).jpg Skullduggery
The Legendary Swordsman Book Green (Book I).jpg Swords

Book II and Book III[]

Title Image Weight Value Skill
Alchemy on the Go: A Field Guide Book (yellow).jpg 2.0 75 Alchemy
Crush - Smash - Destroy Book (yellow).jpg 2.0 50 Bludgeoning Weapons
A Master's Guide to the Bow Book (red).jpg 2.0 100 Bows
Through the Lost Realms or The Fabulous Adventures of Captain Hale Book (blue).jpg 2.0 50 Cartography
An Axe to Grind Book (blue).jpg 2.0 75 Cleaving Weapons
Magicka Divine 2.0 75 Divination
The Fly's Defense Book (red).jpg 2.0 50 Dodge
Elements of Magick 2.0 75 Elemental
Tales of Extreme Survival Book (red).jpg 2.0 45 Foraging
The Soldier's Guide to Heavy Armor Book (red).jpg 2.0 75 Heavy Armor
In Plain Sight Book (yellow).jpg 2.0 50 Hide in Shadows
The Scout's Guide to Defensive Attire Book (red).jpg 2.0 50 Light Armor
Elementary Book (red).jpg 2.0 50 Lore
Encyclopedia of Health & Practices Book (blue).jpg 8.0 50 Medicine
The War of Mercantilism Book (blue).jpg 2.0 50 Mercantile
The Adventures of Brambit the Thief Book (yellow).jpg 2.0 75 Move Silently
Keyholes and Tumblers Book (yellow).jpg 2.0 75 Pick Locks
A Wraith in the Night Book (yellow).jpg 2.0 50 Piercing Weapons
Shields Up! Book (blue).jpg 2.0 75 Shields
Traps and Tribulations Book (blue).jpg 2.0 50 Skullduggery
Ocular Codex Book (yellow).jpg 2.0 50 Spot Hidden
The Legendary Swordsman 2.0 125 Swords
A Bar Brawler's Guide Book (yellow).jpg 2.0 80 Unarmed Combat

Recipe books[]

Other books[]

These books provides lore surrounding the game world, and serve no gameplay function.

Title Image Weight Value Description
Poems for Children 0.1 2
The Orakur is Watching! Book (red).jpg 0.2 2 A collection of scary stories for children
The Holy Book of Rai Book (yellow).jpg 0.5 5 The story of Eschalon's creation
Zulben's Guide to Light Armour Materials Book (yellow).jpg 0.3 15 A list of materials used to craft Light Armor
The Complete Book of Metallurgy 0.3 15 A list of materials used to craft heavy armor and weapons


Title Image Weight Value Note
Orakur - Of Fact and Fiction Orakur.jpg 250 Grants 2,000 EXPs when brought to Saint Gilhelm in Port Kuudad
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