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Alchemy on the Go: A Field Guide is a skill book in Book III.


  • Grants the skill Alchemy if the player character has not learned it.
  • Grants 2 points in the skill Alchemy if the player character has learned it.


A note from the author:

As a master alchemist of over twenty years, this author recognizes the fact that some alchemists cannot always be cooped up in a laboratory for proper brewing of alchemical recipes. In addition, it is not exactly practical to be wandering around with all of your tools of the trade haphazardly stuffed into your backpack. When traveling abroad and an emergency situations arises that requires the creation of a mixture, one must be prepared to improvise. Therefore you will find contained herein information dedicated to brewing potions and other alchemical substances "in the field."

Examples of methods that are included, but not limited to: The best types of rocks to use for grinding materials down (not just the shape): when it is ok to chew a substance being prepared (and when it is absolutely NOT): how to use a helmet over a campfire as a crucible (metal only, please): ways to create an alembic using two potion bottles and a vial (careful, broken glass is sharp).

Hopefully you will find something useful within to aid you in your travels: a true master of alchemy can create a potion or enchantment in any environment. As always. it is not recommended to attempt a recipe above your skill level - this is especially true outside of a controlled environment, where innocent bystanders might be affected by your ignorance.

- Keldar, Master Alchemist