A Wraith in the Night is a skill book in Book III.


  • Grants the skill Piercing Weapons if the player character has not learned it.
  • Grants 2 points in the skill Piercing Weapons if the player character has learned it.


The figure was garbed in all black, face covered with both hood and mask. Armed with just a sword, very thin blade, he paused. The closest of us - Lieutenant Baird - had already drawn his sword and was advancing. He opened his mouth to order the figure to halt, but never had a chance to utter the command. In a blur the intruder stepped forward past his defense and made a quick stab to the side of his neck, dropping him like a heavy iron gate.

Sweeping through the room like a deadly incarnation of death, his attacks were fatally efficient. Not a single move was wasted, and very little energy expended. The heavier weapons that each guard carried were easily turned aside, and they were no match for the smaller weapon's speed and ability to strike. He ducked beneath a swing and stabbed under an arm, hitting a vital point. Spinning and deflecting an axe, he thrust into the spine, instantly paralyzing the recipient.

In a brief moment, there were no more guards remaining, save one. The attacker wasted no time and came straight at me. To both of our amazement, I parried his strike and counter-attacked. Glad was I for spending a year's salary on the enchantment I had placed on my sword the week prior, though it was just barely enough for me to keep pace. I leaned back as a quick swipe scored a hit across my left cheek; my own weapon caught the edge of a hood, tearing it back. A tumble of brown locks was released... it was a woman!

That moment of hesitation nearly cost me my life. I felt the small blade as it slid into my chest and pierced my lung. As I slowly crumpled to the floor she followed me down, hand steady on the hilt of her weapon. My last thought as the darkness began to consume me was this: eight guards had been felled by a single woman who was exceedingly skilled with the usage of a small piercing weapon. How strange I feel respect for this assassin who was now delivering me to death...


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